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Group Exercise Classes

We are proud to announce that we will be offering some of the best group exercise classes around. Pilates, Yoga, Kickboxing and more - our class schedule is designed to give you the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of working out with friends in a private setting.

Personal Training

Employing only the most highly educated and experienced health, fitness and nutrition experts allows us to help the largest amount of people possible. This not only provides you to get the biggest bang for your buck but it also allows you to work with some of the most highly reknowned trainers in the industry for a fraction of the cost.

In-Home Personal Training

Finetix Fitness is now offering in home and corporate personal training. Sometimes life throws a curve ball at you and you can't get to the gym. When this happens you can call on your neighborhood Finetix trainer and your problem is solved!

Having a plethora of equipment that we can bring to you in addition to utilizing your own, if applicable, your Finetix personal trainer can give you the in the gym experience in the comfort of your own home or workplace.

Meal Planning

We all know how to eat healthy but did you know that it is not enough to just eat healthy to reach your desired health and fitness goals? Certain diets are for bulking, some for toning and others to lose weight. But if you don't accompany the proper diet to meet your goals you may see little to no results as you tirelessly work away in the gym. Let us show you how to combine the right diet with the proper exercise program for optimal results.

***All Finetix Fitness training clients will receive our meal planning service for FREE! Just another perk of being apart of our exclusive facility.***

Competition Prep

NUTRITION DOWN TO THE "T" - We take the guess work out of meal planning Throughout the entire process we make sure that we provide you with a detailed meal plan so you know what to eat and when to eat it.

COMPREHENSIVE TRAINING PROGRAM - Get your workouts anytime anywhere With our proprietary training sytem you can get your workouts right from your coach on your phone, tablet and computer. There are not more missed workouts here!

POSING LIKE THE PROS - Learn from the best posing coaches around Whether you are training on site or virtually we have a posing coach near you that can take you from off stage to center stage.

Self Defense / Martial Arts

PROTECT YOURSELF - Develop the skills needed to protect yourself in any situation.
BUILD CONFIDENCE - Learn how to use the skills you learn in the gym in real life.
CREATE BALANCE - Cultivate balance both inside and out by learning essential life long skills.

BUILD FLEXIBILITY - You'll perform techniques and movements to increase your range of motion throughout your entire body.
INCREASE STRENGTH - Become stronger without building size. Martial arts will make you stronger than you evet thought possible.
TONE OVERALL - The intense trainign of martial arts will have you builiding a long, lean body in no time.

Sport Specific Training

When you work with a coach at Finetix, rest assured they are one of the most well reknowned in their fields. Most of our coaches are pros themselves.

Physical Therapy

We have a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) on staff and ready to help you increase your quality of life; while decreasing the daily pain you are experiencing.

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