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Pro Athlete & Celebrity Trainer Here In Geneva, IL

If you are looking for the best training and nutrition possible for the price, than look no further. Ron is one of the most highly qualified professionals in the health and fitness industry, has 2 Master's degress and is the owner of Finetix. If you are looking for results, then he is the one to get you there.

Why Hire A Personal Trainer / Kinesiologist / Nutritionist?

1. Get A Detailed Assessment
2. Achieve The Results YOU want
3. Follow A Structured Meal Plan & Training Regimen
4. Accountability
5. Safety

Everyone has different health, fitness and medical requirements and for that reason you must have a program tailored to your speicifc needs to get the results you want. Hiring one of our personal trainers or Kinesiologist will allow you to have the program you need to succeed.

Train SMART not Hard

We create SMART goals with you to ensure that you stay on track throughout your health and fitness journey. And help you along the way to ensure your success.

All Clients Get Our Proprietary Training & Nutrition App FREE

Our proprietary training and nutrition app allows us to work with you no matter where you are; making it that much easier for you to reach your goals at your convenience.

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