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Finetix® Fitness is a family owned and operated health and fitness company headquartered in Geneva, IL. Offering the best service, the best amenities and the best prices hands down. We have created three (3) companies for you to choose from within your license at the lowest cost of entry into the health and fitness industry. Why? Because if you have a dream to be a successful gym or studio owner we want to help you make that dream a reality.

Licensing Options

Stand Alone Model
Build your very own Finetix® Fitness center from the ground up. Build out an existing location or build your own to your specs.

Value Added Model
Have an existing business that you'd like to add a Finetix® Fitness center too? You can do that too. Many existing businesses have unused and undervalued space that can be making you money and with Finetix® it will.

Re-Branding Model
Looking to rebrand your current business and bring some new life back to your existing company or brand? Re-brand as Finetix® Fitness! Utilize our research proven concept, structured class rubrics and proprietary software to bring new life and vigor to your company or brand.

Dual License Model
Finetix® Fitness is just one of many companies under the Finetix Brand. Looking to do more than a Finetix® Fitness center? Possibly want to add a spin studio, pilates studio or martial arts facility within the same company? With us you can! Let us know what your dream business is and we can help you build it while taking out all of the guess work.

College / University Model
Finetix® is very excited to announce our new College / University license model. We will utilized a small space on your campus to build a Finetix® studio. Why? Because we can provide your students with real world job experience, internship opportunities, paid work, graduation job placement and much more. In addition, we have a full fledge teaching and training cirriculum focusing on areas such as: marketing, exercise science, business administration, customer service budgeting and more. If your college or university is interested in this groundbreaking new licensing / partnership option please contact us today!

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Interested In Starting An Online Finetix® Personal Training Business?

Running your own online training business has never been easier

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Stop Being Limited to Four Walls
Unlike being a trainer or coach in a gym where you have to physically be there to work with your clients, the Finetix Fitness Trainer allows you to coach from anywhere in the world ; while still growing your online training business. The fitness industry is changing rapidly and with the Finetix Fitness Trainer you can stay ahead of the curve.

Train Your Clients More Effectively
For coaches that are use to juggling a multitude of clients demands at one time, time can become a very short commodity. Instead of having to answer individual emails, send group messages on social media and try to track down text after text the Finetix Fitness Trainer allows your to do everything in one place. You can get all of your coaching and notes done in less than half the time.

Let Your Business Work For You - Not Against You
The best part of running your own online coaching and nutrition business is that people can sign up and work with you 24/7/365. This means, your business can grow 24/7/365! Unlike having a brick and motar facility that has expensive overhead, limited time availabilty and a small target market - your onoine business with Fitnex Fitness has little to no overhead, is available anytime anywhere and is marketed internationally. Your business is only as good as the limits you put on it and with Finetix Fitness your business is limitless.

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