3 Reasons To Join Finetix

1. A Country Club Feel Without The Price

Waiting...Waiting...Waiting. It is the number one complaint our members say brought them in our doors. And that is why our members love that we are a private facility. There is no waiting, class sizes are small and your privacy is our #1 priority.

2. No Contracts Or Hidden Fees

Ever get frustrated by signing up for a gym and noticing that your bill is higher than what they quoted you? We hate that too. So, the price you see is the price you pay at Finetix.

3. Everything You Need Is Here

Tired of having to travel from gym to gym because non of them offer everything you are looking for? Well here you don't have to worry about that. We have everything from personal training to pilates to 24 hour on demand classes. So, you can get all of the variety you need with one gym membership. Saving you time and money.

Train With Your Coach

Anytime, Anywhere