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Challenge Starts January 14, 2019

Terms And Conditions

_____ 1. The 9 week challenge requires a $199.99 commitment deposit, which will be returned at the end of 9 weeks after a successful transformation and all terms listed below are met.

_____ 2. I understand that a successful transformation entails losing a minimum of 20 pounds loss as measured by the gyms official scale during your final weigh in appointment. Challengers final weigh in at the end of the challenge shall consist of only ONE weigh in on the gyms official scale. No multiple attempts are allowed.

_____ 3. I agree to comply with all program requirements, (i.e. completing 45 workouts during the 9 weeks, following the nutrition plan, taking video and pictures, and changing my facebook profile pic to the approved 9 week challenge ad during the time of the challenge.)

A) All weigh in’s and body fat readings must be done prior to working out and challenger must be well hydrated.

_____4. Workout at the gym a minimum of 3 times a week for each of the 9 weeks and change your Facebook profile picture to the one designated for the challenge.

_____5. I will change my profile pic to the approved 9 week challenge photo for the full 9 weeks.

_____6. I will maintain a positive attitude and sense of humor at all times.

_____7. Rate and provide a comprehensive written review of the challenge (100 words minimum) on both Facebook and Yelp, regardless if this is your 1st challenge or a subsequent challenge, within 7 days of challengers final weigh in. Ratings and reviews should be honest and include what you have learned and the obstacles that you have overcome during the challenge.

_____8.Share the aforementioned ratings and reviews on challenges facebook page and tag the gym/manager.

_____9. Photos and videos are regularly taken during workout sessions to be used to inspire others and encourage a healthy lifestyle. All photos are videos are displayed in social media outlets to motivate others to work hard to achieve their goals. As such, all members agree to allow their pictures and videos posted to social media outlets.

_____10. We believe our clients are our biggest advertisements. We strive to do everything in our power to push our clients to be their best. By initialing, you agree to let us push you and motivate you the best way we know how.

_____11. I understand by not complying with nay of above mentioned rules, I am agreeing to forfeit my commitment deposit of $199.99

_____12. First time Challenges, including roll overs, are eligible for a full refund of the deposit. Repeat challengers whom have opted out of a challenge in the past for the reasons stated below are only eligible to use the deposit towards a membership (once successfully completing the challenge and meeting all requirements). the opting out reasons are as follows: dropping out by choice, not successfully completing the challenge, taking back the deposit in a previews challenge or used the deposit towards a membership. In order to qualify to rollover into the following challenge, you must hit the 20 pound weight loss after every 6 week challenge.

____13. Challenger will automatically be charged each month after the 9 week challenge has ended for a discounted rate of only $99/month.

As required by applicable law, you are hereby informed that the term of this agreement shall be 9 weeks, unless otherwise extended pursuant to the terms of this agreement.

By signing up for this challenge, Challenger acknowledges the the challenger has read, understood and agrees with all terms and conditions of this agreement. Challenger further acknowledges challenger had received a filled-in and completed copy of this agreement. This agreement constitutes the entire agreement of the parties and no other agreement or understanding exists between the Challenger and the gym holding this 9 week challenge.

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